Our Immersion Program.

How it works.

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Le Petit Prince is a premium family day care offering a unique French language immersion program.

At our centres the Educatrices’ speak uniquely in French and all materials such as books, music, puzzles etc are also in French.

Some local activities such as story time at the library are run in English, however we aim to encourage the children in our care to always communicate both at the centre and in our local community in French.

Monday - Friday*

8h00 - 17h30​

Six months to four years of age

$180 per day

(Rebates applicable)

*a minimum attendance of 3 days is required

So…what exactly does immersion mean?

Bilingual language learning relies upon visuals, gestures, body language, expressions, modeling, and movement to complement verbal cues. Immersion bilingual language education is simply prioritising the use of the immersion language whenever possible.

So do you ONLY speak to them in French”? If your little one responds to us in English, we will repeat the sentence in French back to them to seek confirmation before responding accordingly. All interactive toys, books and music are in French.

But what if my little one is new to French?” Children who are brand new to French will be encouraged to respond to prompts and questions in English if they are not yet able to express themselves in the French. As the child gets older, they will be increasingly encouraged to use French exclusively.

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