Our Immersion Program.

So…what exactly does immersion mean?

Bilingual language learning relies upon visuals, gestures, body language, expressions, modeling, and movement to complement verbal cues. Immersion bilingual language education is simply prioritising the use of the immersion language whenever possible.
Le Petit Prince French Classes
Le Petit Prince French Holiday Camps

Experience the French Language through Daily Discovery

Our dedicated Educatrices bring France to your child’s fingertips. They converse solely in French, weaving the language into every aspect of our day-to-day activities, fostering an environment that is both engaging and linguistically enriching. From books to music, from puzzles to playtime, your child will have the opportunity to fully embrace and learn the French language in a very hands-on, practical, and fun way.

Expanding French Immersion into the Community

Our French immersion extends beyond our daycare’s walls, permeating local activities that we regularly partake in. Be it a quiet stroll in the park, a fascinating trip to the museum, a story session at the library, each experience is a unique opportunity for your child to see and use French in a broader context.