Hear From Our Happy Parents.

Elodie's name is often spoken fondly by our 23 month old Pippa. Although Pippa started only a month ago, she has settled in quickly and easily due to Elodie's kindness and calming manner. We are delighted by the warm and welcoming environment Elodie has created and look forward to to Pippa developing and learning under Elodie's care.

Andrew Satchell


Oct. 08, 2019

Notre fils Eliot est entré au ‘Petit Prince’ un peu avant son premier anniversaire, et c’est une décision que nous n’avons jamais eu à regretter. Jessica est non seulement souriante, douce et pleine d’énergie, elle est aussi extrêmement professionnelle et possède une connaissance du développement de l’enfant et des stratégies d’adaptation très précieuse pour les nouveaux parents. Le travail en étroite collaboration avec les parents et la documentation des activités quotidiennes créent une relation de confiance qui aide à surmonter l’anxiété des premiers temps. Eliot, lui, prospère et s’y plaît tellement qu’il est parfois difficile de l’extirper des bras du petit prince... ‘Toutes les grandes personnes ont d’abord été des enfants, mais très peu s’en souviennent’ a écrit St Exupéry. Jessica, comme lui, s’en souvient, et comme lui elle ‘éclaire les étoiles pour que chaque enfant trouve la sienne’.

Estelle Hoen


Aug 23, 2019

We love everything about Le Petit Prince, and so does our son. Jessica is professional but caring, the facilities are lovely and our son now has so many French words at only 22 months. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Jeanine Bribosia


Jun 24, 2019

Jessica has created a wonderful home away from home for our son at Le Petit Prince. It is warm, welcoming and friendly, with a very personal touch given that there are only 3 other children present at any one time. We feel reassured that the meals are healthy, home cooked and well considered, and we have noticed that our son has responded to this positively. We love the fact that the day is conducted in French, as this exposes our son to a second language and culture, which we are then able to further foster at home. Jessica is a very capable and enthusiastic, and she truly looks out for the children's best interests. We are grateful for her care and support.

Elizabeth Corbett


Jan 4, 2019

My son has attended Le Petit Prince for the last 6 months. He has loved his time with Jess and the other children. Jess organises amazing activities and experiences for the children, taking them on a different outing each day. The children have the opportunity to participate in cooking or art in the afternoon. Our son adjusted to this new environment with ease due to Jess’s friendly, kind and supportive nature. I would highly recommend this family day care. And such a bonus that they get to speak French too! Merci Jess.

Manon Garnock


Oct 21, 2018

We are totally at ease having found Le Petit Prince. Jess is passionate, trustworthy, intelligent & super organised. My daughter adores her! Jess has created such a warm & friendly environment in her beautiful & tidy home. The program she has put together for the children is varied & exciting. From trips to the community garden & the library to learning French. Jess has a great knack for teaching the children to respect & care for one another. My daughter quickly formed strong bonds with Jess & the other children - a testament to Jess’ many talents!

Kitty Roll


Aug 18, 2018

Our 14 month old absolutely loves Jessica and the other kids at Le Petit Prince. We had him in another day care and he was so unhappy, however since we have switched him to Le Petit Prince he has really thrived. The house is beautifully furnished with plenty of child friendly tweaks to ensure safety and lots and lots of gorgeous toys. Highly recommended.

Catherine Wilson


Aug, 2018

We could not be happier with our move to LPP daycare. Jess is diligent, thoughtful and caring, and has done a brilliant job creating a wonderful space and environment for the kids. For me the most obvious evidence of her success is that my son smiles every morning when I drop him off, which makes me certain Jess is doing an excellent job.

Bede Moore


Aug, 2018

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