Our Difference.

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A culture that values connection and engagement.

At Le Petit Prince (LPP) family day care we understand that effective communication with parents/carers builds both understanding and trust.

To help keep you in the loop, and a part of your little one’s daily triumphs, we use WhatsApp. We share daily photos, stories and routines so that You never need to feel left in the dark with a daily record of those small but important milestones.

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A culture of learning through discovery and play.

Each month at LPP, we focus our learning on an area often inspired by the children’s own interests. Our monthly programs are developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework and allow us to explore a topic through intentional and planned teaching experiences using multiple mediums such as arts and craft, role-play, sensory and cognitive activities, reading and writing.

Check out some of our activities and snapshots of our monthly programs on our Instagram.

You can also preview one of our monthly programs at Le Petit Prince.

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A culture of diversity.

At LPP we have incorporated the use of key-word signing or le Langage des Signes (LDS) in our daily program to assist communication between our little ones, their carers and peers.

Using their hands to talk, children from 10 months can effectively communicate their needs therefore alleviating frustration and providing a pre-verbal stepping stone to language development.

Evidence has shown that babies 6 months and older can acquire basic sign language skills, which can:

  • expedite speech development,
  • reduce frustration in self-expression prior to mastery of speech,
  • increase parent-child bonding and,
  • allow babies to communicate essential information (i.e. hunger, or pain).

Parents are encouraged to access easy-to-follow videos that allow them to learn the signs we use at LPP to continue this style of communication with bub at home.

“Using gestures will facilitate the development of language in young children"
Georgia West, Senior Speech Therapist at Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW

An unwavering commitment to eco-friendly living.

At LPP we are firm believers in taking lots of little steps in order to make a big difference. We do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle by:

  • Using ethically sourced and high quality wooden toys as much as possible
  • Sticking to the mantra of quality over quantity
  • Encouraging our LPP families to swap or pass on clothing and toys to each other once their little ones have grown out of them rather than buying new
  • Using reusable bags for groceries
  • Upcycling cardboard boxes for art and craft
  • Using reusable food wraps rather than cling wrap
  • Using wipes with no nasties 
  • Using natural zinc sunscreen
  • Using bamboo dinnerware

To limit our impact on the earth and on ourselves we use eco-friendly cleaning products, hand wash, washing powder and dishwashing liquid to avoid as many harsh chemicals as possible whilst still maintaining a clean and safe environment.

We teach our LPP children to recycle correctly. We lead by example by placing trash in the garbage if we see it lying around at the park and we always carry water bottles and reusable coffee cups with us.

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