Growing With Le Petit Prince

An Adventure in French Immersion

At Le Petit Prince, we turn learning into a captivating adventure. With our unique French immersion program, every interaction is a fun-filled moment of discovery. Whether it’s playtime, a story session, or a song, French is woven into every moment at our daycare. Discover the enriching journey that awaits your child here.
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Le Petit Prince French Classes

A Thoughtful, child-centered Routine

Our carefully structured routine offers a balanced mix of learning and play. Crafted with the developmental needs of children in mind, our daily schedule provides structured learning experiences as well as spontaneous, child-led activities. Our routine ensures your child experiences a variety of activities each day, all while feeling secure and comfortable in the predictability of their day.

Nutrition for Growing Minds and Bodies

We believe that healthy bodies and minds are key to effective learning. Our nutrition program is designed to provide your child with the balanced, wholesome meals they need for their growing bodies and developing brains. With a menu full of variety and nutrition, we cater to all dietary requirements to ensure every child gets the nourishment they need.
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A Learning Journey Like No Other

Ready to embark on a unique learning journey with us? At Le Petit Prince, we go above and beyond to create an environment where your child can thrive. Let’s chat about how we can support your child’s learning adventure today!