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Premier French Child Care in Sydney

Welcome aboard the enchanting journey of bilingual learning at Le Petit Prince, where your child’s future takes flight. As a top-rated French daycare in Sydney, we offer a unique and immersive French-language program designed to ignite curiosity and promote bilingual proficiency.
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Our French Child Care Centres
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567 Anzac Parade,
Kingsford NSW 2032

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3 Gowrie Avenue,
bondi Junction NSW 2022

Le Petit Prince French Classes

Our Unrivalled Services - More Than Just Daycare

We go beyond typical child care services, offering a wholesome, engaging environment where children can learn, play, and grow. Our experienced Educatrices speak exclusively in French, turning every interaction into a language learning opportunity. And it’s not just confined to our premises; we broaden their horizons with a host of local activities in Sydney, immersing your child in the French language and culture.

Discover Our French Language Immersion Program

Our French language immersion program forms the heart of our daycare services. Be it through reading books, singing songs, solving puzzles, or casual playtime, we ensure your child is continually engaging with the French language in an organic and joyful way. Whether your little one is new to French or already on their language journey, we tailor our approach to their comfort and pace.
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Experience French Daycare Beyond Our Doors

At Le Petit Prince, learning extends beyond the daycare doors. Regular trips to local parks, museums, libraries, and city bus rides offer your child unique opportunities to use French in real-world contexts. Our ventures around Sydney are both educational and fun-filled, fostering a sense of community while keeping French as the central language of interaction.

Join Our Bilingual Child Care Family in Sydney

Are you ready to give your child the gift of a second language in a safe, caring, and fun-filled environment? We invite you to join our Le Petit Prince family in Sydney. Let us set the stepping stones to your child’s bilingual adventure. Connect with us today – Let’s discuss your child’s future and the fantastic journey ahead.
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